Friday, September 19, 2008

Tastefully Simple

Though the words "tasteful" and "simple" are rarely used to describe me ("inappropriate" and "confusing" are more precise), last night I hosted a Tastefully Simple party, led by the beautiful Beth, and attended by some of my favorite moms.

Today, consequently, I awoke a few pounds heavier and enduring a slightly annoying headache (the latter had nothing to do with the tasty food and everything to do with the wine).

Anyway, I've mentioned Beth and the Tastefully Simple food line before as a great source of food to use when cooking with your kids. Not only is it delicious, but the simple directions and the convenient ingredients are perfect for little hands and little mouths. Coincedentally, I just read an article in the New York Times outlining a series of tips to help encourage young, often reluctant eaters:

In addition to offering variety and avoiding threats, the article also recommended getting kids safely involved in the goings on of the kitchen, instead of always shooing them off.

So....if you're interested, contact Beth at and tell her you like to read blogs and eat good food.

She'll hook you up.

Finally, shout out to Beth and last night's attendees: Lori, Stacey, Susan, Debbie, Beth, Kelly, Liz, Rachel, and Nancy.

And for those who turned down the ready...I never break a promise.

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Amanda said...

In my defense, I was already unbelievably tortured on Thursday. I did not post about it b/c the story is way to long and you would not understand unless you see my facial expressions.