Monday, September 15, 2008

Out of the Mouths of Moms

So, we're at the park today and I ran into another mom who I have met 1,000 times, but we don't really know anything about one another except for the fact that we play and shop at the same places.

She is easy to talk to, has two cute boys, and I bet we'd be friends if either one of us made any effort to remember the other's name.

I haven't seen in her a while, but when she approached me she was as nice as ever and we quickly caught up. As our conversation took a pause, she kind of looked me over and said, "You know, you look great. I guess the last time I saw you must have been right after you had your son."



Abbie, Paul, Drew and Charlotte's Web said...

Well, the other night at the ball gown swap,(thanks to all that participated), I was pressed to try on a dress that I thought was a bit too "matronly". When I came out of the makeshift fitting room, everyone ooo-ed and ahhh-ed...when I said I thought the dress was pretty, but a bit too mature for me the girls near-by asked how old I was, reluctantly I told them...then they proceeded to say, "no, you're just fine to wear that dress".

Would this fall into the other category...out of the mouths of babes?

Amy M. said...

I was concerned that you found my replacement (some chick who seems like a good enough time with two little sons)but my worries are no more. Obviously, she's out.