Friday, September 19, 2008

Battle of the Sexes

As my two children continue to grow and develop (against my wishes....they'll be teenagers before I know it), the apparent gender differences are becoming more and more evident with each passing day.

I first mentioned how my daughter loves to play with her dolls while my son, in turn, prefers to dismember them.

Some other differences:

1) If she gets even the smallest drop of water on her clothes, she demands a wardrobe change. In contrast, my the more soiled my son's diaper, the faster he runs from me. (I think he prefers his own stench....such a man already).

2) My daughter loves to build towers of blocks as high as she son prefers to knock them down (accompanied with an appropriate grunt).

3) My daughter loves, loves, loves to wear dresses, especially those that twirl when she spins (and the pinker the better). My little man? One word: nude.

4) When we are outside playing and the neighbor's dogs bark at us, my daughter runs and squeals. My son, however, proceeds to bark back at them for an extended period of time (and I'm pretty sure they understand each other).

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