Tuesday, September 23, 2008

She's Still My Little Girl

My daughter has always been a pretty independent kid. Whenever a new situation presents itself, she is quick to jump right in without hesitation, or regard to me. Though I love this about her, there is a tiny part of me that wishes she'd hold onto my leg or sit a little longer in my lap like a lot of kids.

But then there was.

At her preschool, there is offered an additional hour for anyone who might want to take advantage, that includes lunch and some more playtime with classmates. I had mentioned this casually to my daughter as something to do every once in awhile and, no surprise, she was right on board.

So, last week I let her stay and hated every minute of it. I wanted to see how she did, and whom she played with. I wanted to discuss life over a grilled cheese sandwhich and pickle. I wanted her to seem a little little still.

When I picked her up, she seemed excited to see me and she quickly pronounced how much fun she had. As we drove home, I asked her if she'd then want to do it again sometime and she, much to my surprise said, "No thanks".


The following day, my friend Stacey stopped by and engaged her in further conversation about the lunch hour. Again, she stated that she had fun, but also that she had no interest in returning.

"Why is that?" Stacey inquired.

"Because I'd rather come home to my Mommy."

I'm getting choked up about it as I type this.


Abbie, Paul, Drew and Charlotte's Web said...

Drew's school offers something similar..."Early Risers". So, for $3.00 extra I can drop him off an hour early and he can play in the gymnasium with Little Tykes trucks, kickballs, tricycles, etc...HE LOVES IT. We participate 2 days/week and on Wednesday when we go in at the regular time, he's a little annoyed.

Never Settle said...

This is beautiful. I started tearing up reading it because I can relate. My daughter is five and just started kindergarten this year. She was "excited and sad at the same time" she said. I asked her why and she said that she was excited to go to school and learn new things and make new friends, but she was sad because she loved spending her whole day with me. My little angel.

Amanda said...

I just read this and instantly tears formed. I love little girls just for that reason.