Thursday, September 25, 2008

Funniest You Tube Video Ever

So if the theme of the day is misheard or misquoted lyrics, Pearl Jam's "Yellow Ledbetter" must be the anthem. This song will never seriously risk the chance of being consistently misquoted since no one has any what the heck Eddie Vedder is rambling. It's just a great song. Shout out to Pearl Jam for providing the soundtrack for my early adulthood (along with Ottis Redding, Live, Tori Amos, and Alanis).

Anyway, these geniuses had the great idea to offer a video explanation of the song's lyrics since Eddie Vedder is too cool to do it himself. (BTW...he was a surfer one day, and the artist unwilling to define his art...ugh).

If you are unfamiliar with the song, you may not get it (or consider it a challenge), but if you are, you must watch the whole thing.

Potato Wave!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Abbie, Paul, Drew and Charlotte's Web said...

That's great! It's funny to me that the same music that defined your school years reminds me of the first few years of my marriage with 2 little kids in tow.

I love to hear different perspectives on music.

Meg (MU) said...

HA--it is funny how I use to sing this song and have no clue what they were saying. So, sorry I am an idiot, but can you post the real lyrics? Or are these the real lyrics....

Amanda said...

This is my absolute favorite Pearl Jam song. I never tire of it. I actually miss listening to P.J.