Tuesday, July 1, 2008

A Way With Words- This one may offend some

A year or so ago, my partner in crime, Amy, was in a Little Gym class with her then toddler and baby. Like many of us, she was juggling interacting with her toddler with the management an handling of a little baby. As she sat on the infamous red map with her two sons, her baby spit up.

A normal occurrence that found her running to grab a burp cloth. When she recovered, the mother seated next to her remarked,

Comment: You know, they made an awesome invention to help with that.
Amy: Oh yeah, what is it?
Comment: It's called a bib.

Okay, so I have done a couple of these now and this is the first inappropriate comment that reveals true evil. Which means I am going to have some fun with this one....evil begets evil, right?

What You Want To Say: (While pointing at your rear end-so classy-) Well, this is called my ass....kiss it.

What You Could Say: You're kidding! Did you invent it yourself? Wow, you are so much smarter than you look.

What You Should Say: Hey, if I were you, I'd be pretty miserable too. Don't worry though, they make pacifiers, Mylacon, and enemas for that.

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