Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Pajama Drama (yes, for her Mama)

Among our many phases, the latest and greatest "thing" my daughter is into is the constant wearing of her pajamas.

Every time I turn around, I find her sneaking upstairs to change out of the perfectly fine outfit I just wrestled on her, and into a comfortable pair of mismatched pajamas.

And she does this 3-4 times a day, which leads me guessing what among her many sets are actually in need of a wash, and which ones were only worn for a few minutes.

I'm not sure what triggered this recent trend, but I can narrow the origin to around the time she moved to the potty. It was in early November and so, I got in the habit of outfitting her in elastic waistband pants to ease her attempts to be potty ready. When I was sure the mastery was complete, I started to dress her in jeans and courderoys and she, in turn, got very particular about what she was to wear.

Now, she picks out her own outfits and, depending on our plans for the day (and the weather), I allow her to wear them. She kind of has the concept of matching down, but that usely results in a monochromatic choice, but I'm taking it easier on her because: (1) I want to encourage the independence, (2) I want to avoid a morning fight over something that is really not that important, (3) I don't feel the need to dress her for other people (excepting certain occasions), and (4) she's a pretty creative little kid, and I want to foster that as much as I can.

All was well and good until we entered the Pajama Period. Now, that is all she wants to wear. I have tried to explain how there is a time and a place for everything. I've warned her that wearing them meant she must then go to bed. And finally, I have threatened that she will not be allowed to do things (leave the house, for example) unless she gets dressed.

No matter what, however, a conflict arises. Though I wish to avoid it, I also feel the need to instill right behavior and the importance of presentation in her. I'm not saying she has to be perfectly tailored and impeccably polished, but having an understanding of neatness and presentation are important. Nevertheless, the battle continues and I refuse to negotiate with terrorists.

To console myself during this odd phase, I am trying to stay positive.

The Top 5 Positive Things About A Daughter Who Loves Her Pajamas:

5) Given her preference for comfort wear, it's safe to say a career in the medical field is in her future.

4) If the Olympic committee finally recognizes sleep as an athletic event, we've got ourselves the gold. (Maybe two medals if she and her father enter the doubles competition).

3) Since she shows a preference for winter pajamas, it would certainly cut down on the amount of sunscreen I have to buy.

2) No ironing.

1) If wackadoos like Lindsay Lohan and her tights, or Nicole Ritchie and her Mrs. Roper dresses are setting trends, who's to say that my budding fashionista isn't really just ahead of the game?

*The above image was taken almost two years ago...the time has flown!


Abbie, Paul, Drew and Charlotte's Web said...

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Margaret said...

I totally feel your pain. Connor loves his pjs too. He insists on wearing long johns at night even though it's close to 80 degrees in his room. I had to hide his feetsie pjs to avoid further temper tantrums. As I write, he's taking a nap in sweatpants and a sweatshirt. Apparently he didn't like the shorts and t-shirt I had him in.