Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I Watch American Idol: Feel Free to Hate on Me

Before the show officially begins, it has to be said that these are the most talented Top 4 ever assembled for the show. Anyone can win....and IT'S ROCK NIGHT!

Also>>>> thanks to a great nap, Olivia the great will be judging with me (her comments will also be included until she passes out).

Adam Lambert: WOW! I think Robert Plant might actually be hiding in his jacket. Are you kidding me???? O's reaction: "I love him!!" she said while panting, out of breath from rockin' out. This still begs the question: Would people buy his album?

Allison Iraheta: BEST EVER! She was meant to do that song....dare I say better than the original? I actually liked it better than Adam's, though a lot of people will dispute that.....that judges are wrong (O was in the potty).

Kris & Danny Duet: They seem uncomfortable an unrock-like, but their vocals are okay. One did not outshine the it's a wash...they sounded complimentary to one another. (O is officially done with American Idol, asking Daddy if they can go outside to count stars).

Kris Allen: It was like a Gavin DeGraw version of rock...and I actually liked it. He brought the rock well, especially when he's not a rock guy. He delivered....and the judges were too hard on him.

Danny Gokey: Quite a song choice...oh, no the scream!!! Bad, it was bad, bad, bad. Oh dear...the judges are going to slaughter him. It doesn't matter...people love him and he'll still get votes.

Allison & Adam:I'm glad they put these two together....she totally held her own with the golden child (who Julie also suspects used a sock). They were AMAZING.


Are you ready for this?????



Julie Weaver said...

OMG...he needs to go to Vegas and work at the Elvis Chapel of Love.

Anonymous said...

I agree, totally! L.