Tuesday, August 18, 2009

It's Been Awhile....Some Updates

I guess I could say in the process of writing a big book, during the lazy days of summer, my blog has been quite neglected.

I could also be more truthful and admit I all but abandoned it.

Needless to say, we've been through more than a few transitions in the meantime and I've prepared a nice list in the interest of keeping you apprised of the D'Alessandro goings on.

And, yes, you're so welcome!


10) Joseph is definitely 2 years old.

9) I am officially fluent in Australian (it's not just "mates" and "barbies" my friends).

8) Olivia is very close to mastering the cartwheel, flossing, and tackling her brother (which he thoroughly enjoys).

7) We put our house up for sale during one of the worst markets in the history of real estate. Though it's only been a week, I'm already obsessing over everything in my home. Is backsplash a deal breaker?

6) Depending on the outcome of #7, we are moving to the shore. Though this may come as a surprise to some, we've been kicking the idea around for some time and it simply comes down to the fact that a 2 minute commute is much better than 65 minute one. Earth shattering, isn't it?

5) My diet has been successful and the pounds have just been falling off. Though I'd like to say most of that has to do with my committment to nutrition and exercise, almost all of it has to do with #7: stress and chronic vacuuming do wonders for the waistline.

4) Joseph has moved to a big boy bed, which he could not be happier about it. So happy is he, in fact, that sometimes during naptime he sneaks out of his room and runs up and down the hallway cackling with laughter. (See #10)

3) Joseph has been going pee pee on the potty. We are very excited about this, despite the fact that there is another element that he has yet to put in there with it. I get it....he's a keeper, which means I have quite a journey ahead of me. On the upside, he sure looks cute in his Mater big boy undies (especially the ones with the lightning bolts).

2) Paul is coming home early! (At which point I can return to being his bratty younger sister).

1) Olivia appears to have inherited a very important characteristic from her dear mother. A gorgeuous smile and contagious charm? Well, yes, but I was referring to the sprinkle of freckles finding a home on the tip of her nose.

That's everything....and the blog is finally back.

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Welcome back!