Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Great Dad of the Week

Though I always found Brett Favre to be a likeable guy (and I enjoyed his cameo in Something About Mary), I've also been among the chorus of sports fans chanting, "Retire already!"

However, after watching the press conference announcing his return to the game and his decision to join the Minnesota Vikings for one more go of things, I officially decided I really liked him.

What brought the reaction? Listening him talk about his kids, of course.

After first turning head coach Childress down, Favre had a change of heart:

Working in Childress' favor had been the reaction of Favre's daughter, Breleigh, 10, three weeks earlier. Favre said Breleigh remained neutral on the subject of him playing again until the news broke that he was going to stay retired.

"After the news broke, she started crying," Favre said. "Anybody that's got children -- I can be chased by five defensive lineman and it doesn't scare me, but when my daughter cries, it softens me up. And she said 'Daddy, I wanted you to go back and win one more Super Bowl.' And I said 'Oh, why didn't you tell me before?' And she said 'Well, I didn't want to make that decision for you.'

"It's amazing what you learn from your children. She said, 'Can you go back?' And I said, 'Well, it's too late.'

So I found myself this morning tearing up as I brought her to school and she said, 'Daddy, it's going to be fine. You go up there and do what you've got to do. We'll be up there soon enough.' I think I made the right decision, I really do. Time will tell. All I can say is I'm going to do the best I can."

Wow....I am suuuuuuch a softy.

Go Vikings.

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