Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A Brother Abroad

Though Paul is back in Iraq on the second leg of his deployment, sorting through all the vacation photos provides some comfort through memories of our perfect vacation.

Case in point:

The above picture was taken before the "men" (e.g. those not in diapers, pre-school, or the stock market), headed out on an early morning fishing trip that would take them into deep water and large swells before returning home with one of the best dinners of the week.

But the dinner proved not to be the most memorable part.

Only two of the above did not get sick on board.


Oh, and the notably absent man who was more than happy not to claim his sea legs, snickered in smug satisfaction for the remainder of the day.

This is Day 173.


Son of a son of a sailor said...

I know...I know...too much salt in my blood sister!

Julie Weaver said...

Can you please post the "after" photo...or rather the "during" photo.

I think us chik-a-dees should go and show them how it's done! (I'll bring the bonine!)