Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A Brother Abroad

I had to run 5,000 errands today (and that's not an exaggeration....I can actually list all 5,000), which meant I spent entirely too much time in the car, my mind adrift with mental lists and stress over what may or may not get done in time.

By noon, I was exhausted and driving home with one little boy fast asleep in his car seat and a little girl quietly singing along with her Kids CD. As I started to consider what was left to be done, I caught sight of a woman on the side of the rural road on which I was driving. She was facing her home with her back to the road, just staring, hands on hips and head tilted.

Curiousity peaked, my eyes followed her gaze to the modest home's facade, which was indistinguishable in its appearance aside from one obvious thing.

Two large yellow bows had been freshly hung on the front porch.

She was waiting too.

This is Day 139.

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