Monday, June 15, 2009

A Brother Abroad Meets Confession Time

When Paul was 14 and I was in fourth grade, he did something very big brotherish....of which I have no clear memory now. However, hours later as he was heading out the door to watch a movie at a friend's house, he called out his goodbyes to my mother as I was poised to take revenge.

Paul: "I'm goin' Mom"

Mom: "Okay, honey, have fun!"

Paul steps one foot out the door.

Mom: "Oh, and what was the name of the movie you are going to see?"

Paul freezes.

Paul: "Umm....I think it's called Revenge of the Nerds."

Mom: "Oh, okay"

Paul steps other foot out of door.

Evil Kid Sister: "Umm....isn't that movie rated R????"

Paul again freezes while smoke begins to emit from his ears. Evil Kid Sister keeps a safe distance.

Mom: "Oh, Paul, is it??"

Paul: "Oh, um, I don't know....maybe?"

Mom: "'Maybe' sounds like 'yes'.'re not going."

Evil Kid Sister runs to the safety of her bedroom while Paul contmeplates whether or not to let her live.

Evil Kid Sister who is now two people's mother thanks Paul for his decision to let her live.

This is Day 138.

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