Thursday, May 28, 2009

Jon & Kate

About six months ago I stumbled upon some shady Internet rumor that claimed Jon Gosselin, of TLC's Jon and Kate: Plus 8, was caught being slimy with all sorts of young co-eds at a Juniata College bar, not too far from his home in Pennsylvania.

Shortly thereafter, every girl at that bar and her cell phone uploaded somewhat innocent (albeit intoxicated) pictures of him on to their MySpace page. There were also comments that he was hitting on girls, complaining about his wife (who was away on business?), and that he was miserable in his married life. There were also suggestions that he seemed to be looking for opportunities to be unfaithful.

I have never seen an episode of the show, not even the most recent premiere that the whole world apparently watched, but I kind of chuckled at the story at the time. I wrote up some really snarky, sarcastic post about how I couldn't see how a father of eight could find time to do anything let alone cheat on his wife. Just as I was about to hit "Post", however, I paused.

In a rare moment of thinking before blogging, I decided to delete the whole thing.

Who was I to contribute to Internet gossip that would probably harm little kids (8 little kids, actually) if the rumors persisted? And for what reason? To deliver a joke at some other guy's expense, even if he had made some bad choice?

Six months later, the story has gotten a lot bigger.

I don't think you can go through the grocery store without some rag offering up outrageous claims about his womanizing or, on the other end, completely demonizing her. There are also, of course, eight innocent bystanders. However, this story has gotten so much attention, legitimate media outlets are now reporting on it and the ratings boon it has created. Most recently, the Gosselins have even pointed at the media as the greatest offender in the entire maelstrom, and if they argue that if they have any shot of keeping their family together, the sensationalised journalism needs to stop.

Perhaps, but no, not really.

I've kept my mouth shut, or, in the case of blogging, my fingers....something, until this.

So here open letter to the Gosselins, who believe they owe it to their audience to continue this "journey".

Dear Jon and Kate,

The only thing you owe anything to is your children and your marriage.

Nothing else matters.

Not the public perception, not the media, not your loyal viewers, not your friends.... no one.

Stop filming and start trying to be a family again.

I'm pretty sure the kids won't mind.


The Maid (who doesn't claim to know everything...just the obvious stuff)

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Samantha said...

I've been wondering if you were going to post about this. As a long time watcher of the show, I have been following this story, and I completely and totally agree with you. Kate seems to have convinced herself that the only way to "provide" for her children is to market her family. And I find it interesting that they complain about the paparazzi and the loss of their privacy due to intrusion by the media as they look into cameras filming their "reality" show. It seems that the obvious solution to giving their family a fighting chance is to stop doing the show and inviting the scrutiny into their lives, but it seems they can't get past the money, the stuff and the "opportunities," as Kate would put it, that it has brought into their lives, even if it is at the expense of their marriage. As time goes on, I like these two less and less, and though its embarrassing to say, I think the only reason I am still hanging on is because its like a train wreck.