Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A Brother Abroad

If you ask O about her unlces, she will tell you that Unlce Mike flies heliocopters (and she will point him out every time any heliocopter flies overhead...I personally never knew he worked for Action News), and Unlce Paul is perpetually "fighting the bad guys", a way of explaining where Paul is as borrowed from his own family.

Tonight she asked me if Unlce Paul was "done yet" and, like so many kid questions that seem simple enough, this one wasn't. I don't want to over-complicate things by trying to make her understand something I'm not at all ready for her to be exposed to, but I also want her to know that what her uncle is doing is very important.

Anyway, I just told her "almost" and that we are all very proud of him. She then asked me if we could call Ariel.

This is Day 12o....and 32 days until Carolina!!!

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Julie Weaver said...

We no longer say that "Daddy is getting the bad guys", because that just isn't what he does. We've been explaining to the kids that he's "helping the people" in Iraq that need it. I just hated my kids saying that he was getting the bad guys...we'll leave that to the ground troops. Yes, he has a gun on his person at all times, but hopefully, he'll never have to discharge it.