Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I Watch American Idol: Feel Free to Hate on Me

Some questions, before we begin:

1) Did people boo Kara during opening introductions? Ouch.

2) Will the celebrity lovefest over Adam have the same effect of said involvement in politics, thereby derailing Adam's chance of winning?

3) Will this season come down to better singing ability?


Adam's "Mad World": One of my favortie performancs...haunting in fact. Great choice, great performance.

Kris Allen's "Ain't No Sunshine": Another one of my absolute favorites and, though I am trying to look at them with new eyes, I still have to cast my vote for Kris in the first round. So well done....Ha! Simon just agreed with me!

Adam's "A Change is Gonna Come": Why would they pick a soulful song for Adam? You need to have a husky voice that usually requires years of whiskey drinking and hard livin'. He sounded awesome, but his voice is much better suited for different music....He still did amazing, though, they just could have given him a better song. Wow, he's got serious range.....

Kris's "What's Going On?": Another weird song choice, and another great performance despite. I have to give this round to Adam though I like Kris's "interpretation" (a word that the judge's have completely ruined for me).

Adam's Final: Okay, this is bad...what is that Adam Sandler quality in his voice? Not every song needs to be sung with these over-the-top histrionics! Oh funny....John just asked me why I was listening to Whitesnake. Awful song, mediocre performance.

Kris's Final: His voice is better suited for this song...understated and sweet. Again, awful song, good performance. Kris won this round.

There has never been a season where the judges have so clearly favored a contestant from so early on....and either I am deaf or I just don't get it. His vocals are indisputably phenomenal, but it is theatrical and not an album I would buy to LISTEN to.....is that weird?

I'm voting for Kris...but signs point to Adam.


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Anonymous said...

I truly believe the second song was picked because it was perfect for Adam. The song Kara wrote was awful and I didn't think either sang it well. But again it was better suited to Adam. He is not an IDOL. He is a professional performer who has appeared in Wicked and other plays , even on Bdwy. for a short ime. Not what Idol is about. Go Kris. L.