Wednesday, May 20, 2009

American Idol Results

I'm going to kind of blog as I go....but I have to take a break midway to Skype.....


1) I forgot how much I like David Cook...time to hit iTunes.

2) Why do they do the "awards portion" (aside from needing to drag out the broadcast in the interest of more advertising spots)?

3) After watching Kris Allen duet with Keith Urban, his adoreableness just quadrupled....perfect match-up.

4) OH MY!!! I was just beginning to get really weary of Kara, but she totally redeemed herself!!! Outsang...and out bikini-ed!! Loved it!

5) The girls and Fergie are, she's wearing a short skirt and that camera man is daring. Careful, careful....Wait, the Peas are at and the screen went out....did someone die or, worse, flash us? What the hell happened??

5) Ahhh!! I just got off a Skype session and Steve Martin is on stage! What did I miss?? What happened?

6) Hold on...Julie just Skyped me something about Kiss and Adam and Allison and Cyndi Lauper....oh, and Danny and Lionel Richie!! And Julie said Adam was good....ahhhhhh, I missed it!!!

7) Oh, dear. Rod. Why? He might as well have worn the spandex singlet from "If You Want My Body...."

8) Is that Janice Dickinson in the audience? I didn't know they sold meds at the ticket window....or had an open door policy on morons.

9) I am not entirely sure the Tatiana thing was a joke...but I am now certain there IS an open door policy on morons,

10) Gee....they're ending with Freddy Mercury. I wonder WHO inspired that???? This is unfair. What a set-up....and Kris knows it. He's clear just a guest on the Adam show.

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