Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I Watch American Idol: Feel Free to Hate on Me

Danny Gokey's First Song as chosen by Paula: Eh.

Kris Allen's First Song as chosen by Randy/Kara: I loved it...but I also love the song, so I may be bias.

Adam Lambert's First Song as chosen by Simon: I don't know what the judges will say (they clearly favor him), but I know what I thought: AWFUL. And they may because I LOVE that song and he butchered it. Okay, the judges are wrong.

Break to Carrie Underwood Splice: Um, I think it is amazing how much Idol has truly given back, but--- this was just weird. Carrie just asked a woman and her toddler if they've ever had malaria and when the mother sauid no, she actually said, "See, the tents work." No, no, no.

Danny Gokey's Second Song: Soooo much better than the first.

Kris Allen's Second Song: A Kanye revision??? I looooovvvvved it....and I would buy it, which hints at something very important and I'll get to that soon.

Adam Lambert's Third Song: First, why does he always go last? (I smell favoritism). Holy amazing vocals....but what kind of artist will he be? He may have never gotten a negative comment from anyone, but I don't LIKE him as an artist.

HERE IT IS: Adam has the best vocals, Danny is the adorable everyman, and Kris is the commercial package. So, which one do you want?

I want Kris (he he he), and I predicte Adam will go home....Simon jinxed him.

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