Wednesday, May 13, 2009

American Idol: The Results

An Overview:

1) I tuned in late, but I can say that Kris Allen clearly got the adorable gene from his father; Danny Gokey is probably a friend I wouldn't mond having, and Adam was at his best with the littlest fans.

2) Jordin Sparks' performance was funny. Wow, she should take up acting or something....what intensity.

3) That Glee Club show they keep advertising looks good, but I can't get "Don't Stop Believing" out of my head.

4) I can't decide if I like Katy she entertaining or annoying? It's a fine line, but I do always sing along with her. Hmmm.....jury's out.

5) Danny Gokey is going home and the Maid is feeling some sadness....he is sweetness.

6) If only a million votes separated Kris from Adam, who will the Gokey voters go to? It's the ultimate third party conundrum...who will attract the disenfranchised?

7) From now on, I'll being referring to everything as a big ding dong.

Until next week.....

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