Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Mommy Soundtrack

I thought of a new song to add to the Mommy meltdown soundtrack (joining "One Moment in Time", and "Let it Be").

"What's Going On?" by Marvin Gaye.

It came to me this morning when a naked Joseph almost made it into the garage and out into the free air (his mission in life). Now, I won't even bother to explain how such a thing could even potentially transpire (blame rests on the elder sibling and a mother who cannot properly pin down a 19 month old during diaper changes), but I suddenly found myself singing as I wrestled a wriggling, nude toddler before he made it to driveway:

"Mother, mother, there's too many of you cryin'.....Brother, brother. brother there's too many of you whining.....we've got to find a find some lovin' here todayyyeeeeeee."

I realize I tweeked the lyrics, but it worked like a charm.

Three songs down, 9+ to go....

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