Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A Brother Abroad: Joseph Loves Technology

For my brother Paul's first deployment, my sister-in-law Julie went out and got the whole family webcams through which to communicate with my brother.

The effect was amazing.

Though there was quite a bit of time when we could not contact him, every once in a while we were able to catch him and catch up. We could see his "can" and monitor his health. We could evaluate his spirits and send some of our own good ones his way.

Suddenly, Iraq didn't seem so far away.

On one night in particular, John was up with a then newborn Joseph in the late hours of the night, trying to convince him that our family likes to sleep when the sun is down. Accepting defeat, he logged on to the computer and decided to let Joseph's uncle share in the late night party.

From that time on, Joseph has had an interesting relationship with the laptop.

Once again, we are using the webcam to communicate with Paul, but we also use it with other family members, especially my parents. This is a great opportunity for Joseph to chat with one of his favorite people: Papa.

In fact, every time the laptop is open, Joseph starts shouting "Papa! Papa!" As if my father will somehow appear at his beckoning. Much like a guy hiding out in a suitcase, I think Joseph believes Papa lives inside the comuter, waiting to be summoned.

It's funny, and it's great all at the same time.

This is Day 36.

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Anonymous said...

Papa does live in the computer he just isn't always have it on.