Thursday, February 19, 2009

Existentialism and the Stay at Home Mom

As a mother of two and wife of one, a part-time freelancer and full -time cynic, a loyalist, an apologizer, a list maker, a self-proclaimed lover of lexicon, and a complete cornball, I might go so far as to say my cup is pretty full.

I love my kids, cherish my husband, adore my family, and, shocker of all shocks, having a blast in South Jersey.

So what could possibly be problematic?


More specifically, all the fabulous women I went to high school with who also now enjoy unique and very exciting job descriptions. One is saving the rain forests, spending as much time in South America as she does in Nueva York; another used to manage Jay-Z's entourage and is now a VH1 documentarian.

So what are you up to Maid?

I'm up to three hour naps, only one in diapers, and pretty reliable, resftul nights. Oh, and paper dolls....endless paper dolls.

To be clear, I am supremely happy....just insecure about my response to the typical Facebook reunion question: What are you up to these days?

It certainly isn't as bad as a real reunion (shout out to Photoshop), but the same pressures present themselves: validating your accomplishments, even if they amount to your daughter's ability to spell her name or your little man's ability to smack his own head every time another monkey falls off the bed.

I've decided to come up with a really extravagant and accurate description of my day. I love euphemisms, and now it's time to put them to work......

Let the image-shopping begin...


Anonymous said...

I can't even remember the names of most the people that I went to Highschool with. So that solves that probelm

Julie Weaver said...

Don't worry...when all is said and done, you've got the best of both worlds...rainforests and books to write will always be there...your children will only be this little today.