Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The New Stage Has Arrived....

As far as siblings go, my children's relationship has been pretty endearing to watch. As a baby, my son enjoyed the loving attention of a big sister eager to help her mother dispose of dirty diapers, burp his back, and play peek-a-boo. As he became more aware of the world around him, he'd giggle and clap his hands as she pranced around him, while she, in turn, basked in the adulation of a contained audience.

When he started crawling and then walking, she loved to chase him about and cheer even his smallest accomplishments, and when she would do something as simple as enter a room, he would squeal with delight.

And then there's this new stage....

It seems they both feel very adamant about their own perceived toy territory and I feel like I've spent much of the last two weeks explaining:

1) how important it is to share,
2) that if someone has something first you must wait until they are done to enjoy it yourself,
3) and that throwing "appeasement toys" that Mommy provides in an attempt to distract is never okay.

Why do my two rays of sunshine go from best buddies to ultimate fighting opponents faster than I can say, "Serenity now"?

And how on earth did I ever assume that boys and girls are never interested in the same toys? I guess becuase it's never actually about the's about wanting someone else has.

---Shout out to my neighbors and their awesome deck.