Thursday, September 4, 2008

Preschool Days

I dropped off Olivia at preschool for her second day and, though I am still grappling with the inevitable growth of my little girl, she was even more excited to go back. I watched her go to her cubby as if she'd been doing it for months, and I watched in disbelief as she greeted little people I have never seen before.

She now knows people I do not?!

Anyway, I kissed her goodbye (she gave me a quick cheek) and as I left her teacher grabbed me and said:

"She is smart as a whip! WOW!"

Smart? A whip? You can tell what I've always known after only one day?

What did she do that impressed her already? I mean, I know she's a genius, but how did she realize it so soon???

I sailed out of the building, my nausea all but gone. How wonderful school is!

The hours flew by in one big happy blur and, before I knew it, I was waiting in line with the other moms retrieving their children. I wonder if they'd be jealous of my child? I'd have to play it cool.

As each child was matched with his or her approved adult, I wondered if her teacher had more to say about my little wonderkind. Gee, maybe they'll move her up with the four year olds....

And then I saw it.

Miss Teacher leaned over to the mom two kids ahead and said, "He is SO smart."

The mom returned a knowing nod and seemed to float out of the room.

What? That kid?! The one with two different socks and a perpetually runny nose?

She couldn't mean it...she just must say it to all the moms to make them feel special.

Everyone except me, of course.

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