Thursday, September 4, 2008

A Mom Partisan Post

Based on the sentiments I shared in last night's post, I stayed up to watch Palin's speech in the hopes that she may offer some better insight into her decision to accept the vice preseidential nomination.

Though my feelings on her decision to run remain, I do have to acknowledge that her speech was everything it needed to be. She demonstrated intellect, strength, and a likability that always seems to evade Hillary. She also proved with Obama, that the art of oration is alive and well in our nation's politics.

Among the highlights, she defended her own young experience by comparing it to Obama's...both have few years under their belt, which has prompted many to question their ability to lead. She handled this particular point well, which should certainly weigh in with the debates.

Anyway, if you missed the speeches, do yourself a favor and spend some time on YouTube (btw: Who knew Guiliani could be so funny?). Given these conventions, this election promises to be as exciting as it is important.

And there's never been so much at stake.

FINALLY....the true highlight of the night came when Palin's youngest daughter licked her palm to smooth out her infant brother's hair. I believe My friend Amy used to call this "the hansomes".

See below.....

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