Wednesday, September 3, 2008


In case you missed the premier of the new 90210, the show promises lots of new drama and even more unintentional comedy than the original. The "new Brenda" would give Tori Spelling a run for her money in the bad acting category and the "new Brandon" is more like Steve, only African-American and more attractive.

The highlights:
1) A cameo by Nat who longs for the coffee of old while struggling to conquer a latte (shout out to Joe E. Tatatatatata).

2) The spawn of Andrea Zuckermann and Jesse Vazquez is the anchor of the school's cable channel. Her appearance makes one of the teachers remark, "What, is that girl like 30?".

3) The drunk grandmother.

4) Kelly speaking surreptitiously to her 4 year old son's mystery father (his name rhymes with felan)
5) Kelly's much younger sister, Erin, is now a teen at West Bev and goes by the nickname "Silver". (Geepers, those writers are clever).
6) Shannon Dougherty

Did anyone else watch?


Anonymous said...

I taped it last night and will be watching it over the weekend!!


Samantha said...

Ditto... can't wait to watch it!