Tuesday, July 29, 2008

What's Grosser Than Gross?

After a long day of playing, cleaning, and trying to be the best mom I can, I look forward to the time when my husband returns from work so that I may relinquish some of the parental responsibilities and allow myself to let a small of breath of relief escape.

Unfortunately, this evening found me wishing his return would come sooner than later.

It was one of those days that had me exhausted and out of creative ideas by 10 AM. The kids were good, but the day was determined to drag and by the time I was preparing dinner, it felt like I'd aged some.

But, the fun was just beginning.

Since my husband's day turned out to be long as well, I fed the kids early (something to do), and set them up with the final round of toys while I cleaned up the dinner dishes.

As I listened to them play, tummies full and happy, I allowed my mind to drift away to plans for tomorrow and my internal to-do list. Hardly a moment had passed before the familiar sounds of my little man, hard at work on his diaper, found me in the kitchen.

I gave him a minute to himself before heading into to begin the drudgery...only a minute proved to be too long.

As it were, the diaper was no match for the digestion and the evidence was all over my family room floor.

I am having a very large glass of wine as I type this....that, coupled with the lingering smell of carpet cleaner is helping me to finally let go that breath of relief.

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