Friday, April 11, 2008

What's In A Name?

If you enjoy ridunkulous names as much as I do, you must, must, must visit the following link, brought to my attention by the most sensationally cerebral Chris Fernandez. “Name of the Year” is a site dedicated to an annual contest of horrible names. Set up in the form of bracketology, this contest actually relies on its viewers to submit off the wall names (with drivers licenses as proof), and pits them against other bad names to determine the winner.

The 2008 contest is still underway, where the “Final Four” include the names: Spaceman Africa, Phyllis Mangina, and Steeve Ho You Fat.

Visit the site if you’d like to join in the vote, or simply follow it. Also, consider perusing past contest winners where other crazy names can be found. My own favorites?

Tanqueray Beavers
Habibi Zibi
Queena Formica

Check it out at:

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