Thursday, April 10, 2008

Product Warning

In the event that you have a little girl (or little boy...I'd never judge) who loves the Disney Princesses (shout out to JL...when you can read...any day now, I'm sure), please take my advice and avoid purchasing the new Disney Princess Crispy Treat Bars (made to look like cereal bars), no matter how much your little one begs for them in the grocery store.

My daughter usually has a great breakfast (the only meal of the day I can count on her eating well), but by late morning, she's usually ready for a small snack. As a result, I usually give her a banana, rice cakes, or even a cereal bar for what is typically a car ride to one of our many outings. Having discovered the Crispy Treat Bars and knowing how much my little Smow White would love them, I grabbed up a box and congratulated myself on finding a treat that would not only be healthy, but fun for her.

Until we got in the car.

Though the sugar count was not too high (4 grams), and the box promised them to be a good source of fiber, I should have known something was up when my teeth began to tingle at the meer smell of them.

She shouted with glee at the pink chips that cover them, she squealed with delight over the stickers that accompanied them, and she laughed as she claimed that that they were made of "glue".


After arriving home, my mind racing with possibilities over what a characterization of glue might equate, I unbuckled my little O only to find that she was completely covered in stickiness. These treats completely covered her hands, and then everything else she managed to touch in the meantime. The seat, her clothes, and (gasp!) her hair!!

Really, I may as well have given her a tube of Elmers and let her go crazy.

Disgusting....the stickiness and the fact that, once again, I played the role of obliging puppet for Disney.

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