Friday, April 11, 2008

This Is Why I Did Not Want To Post About Fashion

Okay, since I posted the whole Mama Fashionista thing, I have received two emails, one phone call, and a posted comment, all about the fact that I said capris are no longer fashionable.

I know they are practical. I know they cover a multitude of sins. And I know they come in really nice colors. But cutting edge fashion they are not.

And it seems some of you are having more than a little trouble accepting their demise. I mean, I’ve posted about breast vs. bottle and a pregnant man and I got little reaction.

But capris!? And do we really need to kill the messenger?

In case you are still in denial…..her is an amendment to help you reconcile wearing them.

The experts at Vogue state, “Capris and cropped pants are not as stylish as they once were, but if they are flattering on you, than they are still acceptable. Just try to pair them with a tunic top or minidress to update the look.”

So there you have it.

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