Monday, March 3, 2008

The Pacifier Chronicles- An Update

So, when we last left off, our unintentional intervention had proven successful as our daughter adjusted to life without her “mimi” with relative ease. We’d expected tantrums, we’d expected meltdowns, and we certainly expected sleepless nights. None of this really ever occurred--- and we were quick to pat ourselves on the back for a job well done. What we didn’t expect is that the reality of “life-without-pacifier” wouldn’t truly reveal itself until a week or so later.

Of late, the daily nap has become a bit of a battleground. Now I know I am going to anger more than a few frustrated parents when I tell you that naptime used to be one of the easiest times of the day. Really. My daughter looked forward to naps, even going so far as to put herself to bed when I was tied up. Even more astonishing, she would ask to go to bed the moment she felt tired—even if playgroup was in full swing. She is her father’s daughter. Strike that. She was her father’s daughter.

Now, naptime isn’t such a welcome event. It occurs a little later in the day and requires a full cup of milk, the reading of many books, a long discussion about why we need to let our bodies rest, more milk, and, upon occasion, some serious threats. When all is said and done, the whole affair takes about 30 minutes.

The upside—there is little or no mention of a pacifier, she sleeps well throughout the night, and we are still pretty relieved with the outcome. However, our initial assessment of the pacifier intervention as being completely successful, just needed a slight revision.

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