Friday, September 18, 2009

The Big Day

So yesterday proved to be blog-free thanks to a very long trip to upstate New York (hello Auburn!), a wedding rehearsal with an all too eager flowergirl opting to sit with the maids instead of his mother, and the ever-challenging process of getting your kids to bed in a hotel.

I'm a little tired today....but also very excited for the much anticipated wedding of Brenden and Nicole.

As I mentioned in a long ago post, Brenden and Nicole both suffered traumatic brain injuries in separate car accidents that not only derailed their post-graduation plans of college and travel, caused them to lose most of their friendships due to young adults heading off in their own directions, and the physically and mental capability to do pretty much anything without the help of also nearly cost both of them their lives.

But depsite your own belief systems, two separate miracles occurred.

Years of therapy, endless determination, and a chance meeting at a social program that enlists the help of brain injury sufferers to participate in a school program bringing exotic wildlife to the public schools, Nicole and Brenden found each other and another reason to embrace life.

So today is their perfect day, surrounded by family and friends, fall-like NY weather, and complete happiness.

What could be better?

A prediction, of course.

There's no doubt they'll be happy, or that the reception will be a blast. The question is pretty simple:

Will the flower girl make it down the aisle?

By all accounts, she's acting like a pro. She prefers the maids to me, practices constantly, and worked it out well during the rehearsal.

However, when all those people and their wide eyes fill the church....there's no way to know.

dum, dum, da, dum....


dewatersk said...

Oh Christine you are so close to me this weekend...too bad I have a wedding too. Wish we could have seen each other!!!


Chris F said...

What a great story - enjoy the wedding! It's nice to have you back blogging again!

Samantha said...

Good luck to O!! :) Its touching to hear of such a happy ending (beginning??) for your cousin after all he endured following his accident. Best wishes to him and his bride, and I hope you all enjoy the weekend!