Monday, September 14, 2009

The Potty Chronicles

Since my experience in potty training my O was relatively easy, I fully expected that Joseph would be a licensed driver before he abandoned his dependence on diapers- that just seems to be the way parenting works.

Needless to say, my common mistake of underestimating my little guy once again revealed itself.

He was easier to train than O.....kind of.

After one morning, he knew exactly what to do and when to do it. After two days (and one accident at the always distracting park....where the poor slide will never be the same), he had mastered not only getting himself to a potty, but the always elusive art of "holding it". I couldn't have been prouder....even bragging a bit to anyone who hadn't seen the witnessed crime at the park.

Of course, bragging is always the kiss of death.

What my eagerness to believe and my mommy euphoria kept me from foreseeing was the all important passing of the poop. That has been, shall we say, not so easy.

He doesn't have accidents. He doesn't scream and cry. He doesn't do anything.....which is exactly the problem.

My little ray of sunshine has what we might call poop anxiety.

I know, I know.... who doesn't these days?

Nevertheless, my little keeper holds it as long as he can, hand over tush and full of squirmy dancing, before he finally gives ordeal that takes entirely too long and too much pleading. Not only that, he'll maintain days of resistance before he cannot hold it anymore. Points for resilience, but horrible on all other counts.

So why share these trials in output? I'm looking for advice. The problem isn't about diet (he lives on blueberries, grapes, and water) and it isn't about accidents (he doesn't want to go anywhere).

The problem is simply about letting go.

Help, please.


Julie Weaver said...

Charlotte was doing the same thing at the beach, remember? She would have to go and then she'd sit and refuse and walk away...a dozen times until she couldn't walk away anymore. She magically stopped and was so proud of the "production"...until Mom came to visit...or rather I left for NJ for a weekend...I'm sure it's more the latter than the former. Anyway, she gets so upset when she has to go, but is so proud when she does! Each day is a little bit easier and today she went at the oil change place and told many waiting customers of her efforts. (No one else needed to use the facilities after us.) I simply remind her "there's no crying for poo-poo." She then focuses her efforts on the task at hand.

Now, as for boys, they are a different animal when it comes to "holding". It takes lots of coaxing to get them to let go. Some might say it's "Freudian". Ask a certain someone about a certain kid, a hospital trip and an enema.

As for my guys, what worked best for me...they got to pee on it after they were done. Somehow that was amusing.

Samantha said...

So, when does her go? I had the same problem with both of mine, and in the beginning, they would only go in a pull-up. That's how I knew their bodies were in fact physically ready, actually, as they would withhold until they had something on their bottom. Does he do that?