Thursday, November 12, 2009

People Are Nutty

As the holiday season remains on the not so distant horizon, I have learned that waiting too long to secure holiday outfits for the kids can also mean getting third choices in sizes that are not quite right....on December 1st.

Taking this lesson with me, I began looking early for O's Christmas dress. Ever the Nordstrom fan, I immediately found the dream dress and its irrational price tag (at least, according to my financial advisor) in their children's department and began weighing the pros and cons of such a purchase.

She'll wear it twice.


It will be immortalized in countless pictures and the annual holiday album.

I HAD to have it. Luckily, my friend Jackie is the ultimate fashionista (a standard I measure by how, when wearing an outfit I would consider fashionable, I inevitably feel like a vagabond standing next to her) and she found the dress in a local boutique at half off!

The catch: it was last year's version and the difference was so slight that the boutique owner didn't even bother to order this year's version.

So, thrilled over the more reasonable price and praying that her size would still be available, I got to the shop as fast as my materialistic heart could take me.

And she had it!!!

A perfect size four!!

What's more....she also had a little guy outfit that complimented it perfectly.....Merry Christmas!!

And, as it turns out, luck was completely on my side.

According to the shop owner, only an hour before I arrived, a grandmother had stopped in and grabbed the dress as a present to her granddaughter, who was living in Dubai with her mom and diplomat dad (la di da). Fortunately for me, she decided she could not bring herself to purchase it after the shop owner boasted that the very same dress was worn by Sasha Obama the year before.

Apparently, Obama's policies were too unfavorable for her to endorse such a fashion statment.

Nutty, Nut, Nuts!

And completely my gain.

ho, ho, highlarious!!

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Julie Weaver said...

Even more usage when it's sent down to the Carolinas...