Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Contest of the Day

Here's a little challenge to help a poor blogger out. To whomever can come up with the most clever phrase using the letters below, a poem!!!

That's write....an ode to you and even, potentially immortality (but I'll explain that later).

Here's what you do:

Using the letters "AL JA" as the beginnings of two separate and consecutive words, come up with a comprehensible phrase that will either prove funny, or clever, or both.

Example: All Janitors are loved.

Always Jam when you can.

Clearly, these are not clever, nor are they smart (which is why I am holding this little contest). The examples do, however, reflect the rules.

Good luck....contest ends at midnight tonight!!!


Chris F said...

You knew you'd get me with this one...

How about "All Jakes love shakes" if you're looking for something that rhymes.

Or, "Aliens jaunt around Jupiter" for something a little more fantastical.

Perhaps "Allow jam. Deny jelly." for something more forceful.

Or, the semi-palindromic "All jails jail all" if you want to go in that direction.

Or perhaps the Disney movie plot boiled down to 5 words and an ampersand, with "Aladdin, Jasmine, Jafar & a lamp".

Perhaps one of those will strike your fancy?

One Maid A' Milking said...

HA!!!! I knew you'd be awesome at something like that!