Monday, August 3, 2009

A Brother Abroad: No, I'm Not Drinking

Though I am sure I've mentioned this before, I have always had this pipe dream that I'm really determined to realize, despite my family's eternal eye rolling....

A family compound.

That's right. I want to buy a big old pile of land where my family, my parents, and my brothers' families can all build our highly customized homes and live in very close proximity to one another. I know that may sound crazy to some people, but if the Kennedys can pull it off, why not us????

Having recentyly received my first Google Adsense check for advertising on the blog (a whopping $102.11 for 16 months of hard blogging labor), I think I'm just motivated enough to begin the "Family Compound Fund". This also means donations from outside parties are always welcome.

However, the dreamer in me also knows that reality doesn't always factor in with me (that's why I'm friends with realists....shout out to Susan), and so, at least for now, I'll settle for having my entire family on the same continent.

This is Day 185.

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