Friday, July 17, 2009

A Brother Abroad

After much bargaining, John and I just finished watching He's Just Not That Into You, a movie I've been wanting to see despite his better judgement. It was cute, a few good laughs, and some really thankful moments that neither one of us is subjected to dating in the Information Age.

As the movie finished up, we started to discussing the various couples, which led to a discussion on what you really need in a spouse. When it comes to being a great husband, I told him it really just comes down to three essential things:

1) Most importantly, doting on your wife; for me that means making me feel safe, secure, and loved (while others may also think that means lots of romantic gestures and presents, but I wouldn't agree).

2) Being a tremendous father. There isn't anything much more important in life than your children, and so putting them first is a principle priority.

3) Honoring her parents. I think this is something to me that has become more significant with age, but I love it when John does anything that shows he values my parents. I don't know that everyone else would agree with this one, but it's important to me.

So, as I wish Paul and Julie a belated (by one day) anniversary, I wonder what else should be on the list; though, I really don't think much else matters.


This is Day 169.

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Julie Weaver said...

I agree with some of your list...except #2 and maybe #3.

Yes, children are a huge priority, but...the couple in the marriage is the number one priority. Take time for each other demonstrate love and respect for each other and be affectionate with each other and your children will follow suit. If you make the children the number 1 priority and lose yourselves in them, you will have lost everything.