Monday, December 1, 2008

Turkey Decorating Contest

Since my gifts lie outside the realm of the kitchen, I left the heavy cooking to the pros, and designated myself as MC for the evening. In addition to providing my adult guests with plenty of late night trivia pursuit competitions and alcohol, I made sure the little ones never had a dull moment....or, at least I tried.

The results of the 2008 Turkey Decorating Conest:

Most Turkey-ish: Olivia
Most Gobble Gobble: Drew
Most Disturbing: Max (who made interesting use of some electrical tape)
Most Glamorous: Abigail (and a vat of glitter glue)
Most Colorful: Ellie (and every paint color I had, plus some I am not sure was actually paint)
Most Creative: Grace and her rendition of the turkey-pilgrim hybrid
Funniest: Paul and his labeled turkey, "Farty McFart".....oh, to be in middle school again.

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