Monday, December 15, 2008

Holiday Songs: Only 10 Days Left!

The thing about this song is that I have never liked it. I can appreciate the appeal, especially Eartha Kitt's original version, but I'm just not that girl.

My friend, Christine, however is that girl. On cold nights when I reach for a pair of fluffy socks to warm my toes, my friend Christine would opt for high heeled, bedazzled slippers with a feather plume on the toe. She is that girl and she has always loved this song.

Having said that, something has changed in me this year that has nothing to do with a softening of the heart or a holiday thaw thanks to human love and kindness. The change in me is that I actually look forward to listening to this song now because a certain little red headed girl likes to shimmy around the kitchen every time it comes on the readio.

This means a few things for our little family:

1) John needs to put bars on her bedroom windows sooner than we thought.
2) O has hips?
3) I need to quit showing her how to groove so that she may shake what I gave her.'s the original:

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