Monday, December 22, 2008

Done, Done, DONE!!

So that little project I mentioned a few weeks back turned out to be not so little (shout out to all 382 pages of it!) and now it is DONE!!!!

What does that really mean?

1) The burns on my thighs caused by excessive laptop temperatures may finally begin to heal.

2) I can discover that the seasons have changed....I heard the Northeast got walloped, but I haven't left my house in a month.

3) Although needed, I now have a chance to get myself together before Extreme Makeover shows up at my door.

4) Is that a Christmas tree in my living room?

5) I can begin to have conversations with people that do not require typing....something that the people at the grocery store found very annoying and not at all funny when I explained myself.

AND most importantly......

I can once again return to my beautiful blog and wax quixotic about a mother of two and a wife of one....


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