Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The votes are in......

The great state of New Jersey has enjoyed weather characterized by temperatures in the 60s, with persistent gray skies all week. It's actually been nice, and weird. Despite the warmth, it looks like snow is threatening.

But with this morning's election results, it just seems a bit grayer.

I debated whether or not I should even blog about this as it serves no purpose other than a bit of indulgent catharsis; nevertheless, yesterday I cast my vote and the majority of the country cast their own for the other candidate.

I was inspired by John McCain's gracious concession speech which proved that he's not only an unparalleled American hero in the political world, but also a true gentleman.

I also watched Obama's victory speech, taking in the profundity of the moment as history was certainly made. And as I watched him, a master speaker, I wished I could get swept away by the grand oration. I wished I could generate as much excitement about the history making moment as I could the man who represented it. I wish I could join the millions going beserk in every corner of the nation for a president-elect that they believed would change their lives for the better.

But I am as disenchanted as I am doubtful.

I plan to spend today wallowing a bit and trying not to think too much about how his promised actions as leader will negatively affect my life.

But just for today.


Samantha said...

How could it possibly negatively affect your life any more than the last eight years have?

Chris F said...

I can't speak directly for The Maid, but I do know that her family and mine have much in common. And I have to say that the past eight years have been very positive for my family. They have brought the blessings of family, career advancement and prosperity. But all of our successes have been a reflection of the "American Dream" - earned through hard work and personal responsibility.

I think the real fear going forward is that this hard-earned prosperity will make us targets, examples of what is WRONG with America if we don't find it patriotic to pay even more taxes on what we rightfully earned. I fear the entitlement mentality that seems to be gaining strength through the blue electorate, and I fear that those same people don't realize the long term effects that their chosen leader's proposals will have on their futures. A tax cut for them offset by a tax increase on the companies that could be giving them jobs does not provide the proper balance necessary for prosperity. And eventually we will all feel the squeeze - upper, middle and lower classes - despite the hard work that many of us have done to earn what we have.

I am not looking for any handouts from our new President. But I also don't want to provide the capital for someone else's handout. And I think that those are the dark clouds that The Maid sees on the horizon...

Abbie, Paul, Drew and Charlotte's Web said...

We are very sad as well in New Bern...and can the press STOP making this about race???

Samantha said...

"Handouts..." so the working poor in this country, those who work several minimum wage jobs to support their families aren't taking personal responsibility? They don't deserve decent health care or a tax break? It's an attitude of entitlement to want to offer support and help take care of these people? I certainly agree that personal responsibility is a necessity, and government efforts alone are not enough. But what is wrong with wanting to level the playing field a bit for everyone?

And naturally our lives over the last eight years have been good ones... we are the lucky ones. We have educations. Good jobs with some level of stability. Wonderful families. But I would argue that that has occurred in spite of - not as a result of - the current administration.