Monday, September 21, 2009

The Wedding in Review

My little O did not fail to rise to the occasion of fulfilling her all important flower girl duties.....and now we're just trying to figure out how to bring her back down to earth.

The Highlights:

1) Giving her the option of sitting with me or the maids proved ridiculous....she always opted for the maids.

2) Having run out of flowers halfway down the aisle at the rehearsal, I made sure I really stuffed her basket on the big day as well as whispered a gentle reminder that she need not throw them in such big bunches. All too eager to get it perfect (she took her job very seriously), she adeptly sprinkled them along as she walked, only to find that she had extra when she took her spot on the alter alongside the maids. By the time the ravishing bride arrived and assembled her train, Olivia decided to keep throwing them at her unbeknownst to the priest who went ahead with the ceremony.

3) She last through the hour long ceremony like a champ, finding all sorts of things to entertain herself with as the vows were exchanged. Chief among them: peeking out to see who was in attendance, calling to relatives she recognized and waving, and playing with the always fun kneeler, which she managed to drop on the unsuspecting bridesmaids' toes to their pain and surprise.

4) There was a quick break for some much needed fruit snacks.

5) She tried to get communion, though the now quick thinking bridesmaids quickly put a stop to that one.

In conclusion, she was fabulous....and she thoroughly enjoyed the reception following. She danced, and sang, and even got her cousin (the groom) to pilfer one of the cake flowers for her to eat. She was in heaven and has been replaying the events over and over again with her barbies (though, apparently this wedding is a little more exhibitionist since we can't seem to find Barbie's dress).

It was a great day, making for even greater memories.

And, of course, could you guess who caught the bouquet????


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Anonymous said...

She looks great! I'm very impressed with her flowergirl capabilities!