Friday, September 11, 2009

A Top 10 List of Excuses

So I have been deliberating on whether or not to finally bury the blog, which hasn't been so much neglected as completely abandoned. Though I plan to give one more go of regular blogging, me reasons for my most recent slogging are pretty extensive.

Consider the following:

10) The effort. I'm an "all or nothing" kind of person, which means I start something new with a cannonball and lots of enthusiasm. As the new endeavor gets boring, or taxing, or even obligatory, I choose to abandon it instead of giving my less than best effort.

9) Exercise. That's can be a bad thing (sorry, Susan). For our anniversary, I gave my husband one of the few things he's always begged of me that I'd never agreed to until this eighth year of our marital bliss: the opportunity to work out together on a regular basis. Worried that his need to be "helpful" would trigger my need to hurt him (I hate being told what to do), I had always resisted his pleas. This year, however, my motivation to get back in shape and also find the perfect gift for my man coincided and we've been spending our evenings P90Xing ourselves (at least the truncated version). The good side? I've never been in better shape. The bad side? Less time to blog, or work, or raise my arms above my head....ouch.

8) Work. After finishing the last book, I jumped into the role of literary agent in attempting to help my Aussie friend get published stateside. Again, less time for blogging.

7) Creativity. I just haven't had a lot to say, though there's been plenty on my mind. It seems like every week I hear of some bad news to befall a friend, which means worry has become an all too regular habit. Needless to say, my prayer list has never been longer and my emotions have never felt so raw. The handful of friends struggling with tough times know who they are, and now they know how much I think of them.....and love them too.

6) Joseph is two years old.

5) Moving. Though nothing is pushing us out, we do want to move eastward before O starts kindergarten and gets ingrained in a school system. Needless to say, my desire to maintain clean carpet lines care of the vacuum is not at all reasonable during the day (see #6).

4) Writing. I do enjoy blogging, but I have returned to writing for myself as much as I can....which isn't much at all (see #9, 8, and 7). Anyway, after ghostwriting three books, it's high time I pulled off the mask and started putting my own names on some things.

3) Twilight. Why I ever decided to start reading the Twilight series is beyond me (a desire for some mindless reading, perhaps?), but I am finishing the fourth book in the series and it's only been a month. Obsessed much? I hate to admit I love it....and now I can't wait for the next movie.

2) Children. With so much time taken up by so many different things, I'm doing my best to give my all to the people who matter most. My energies go to them first, and then to exercise, and then to work, and then to writing, and then to.....what was that other thing? Oh yes, blogging.

1) Sometimes you just need a break.


Samantha said...

A proper list of priorities, for sure. Understood. :) Just heard about P90X the other day for the first time and heard its amazing!

One Maid A' Milking said...

We are actually doing the 10 Minute Version of P90X, which is actually three short 10 minute workouts you do consecutively. The original P90X is an hour and 40 minutes and a surefire way to get me to fail fast. I like the abbreviated version, though, as it absolutely kicks my butt and only requires 30 minutes...

Anonymous said...

Missed you blogging but can certainly understand how busy you have been, are and will be. Good luck on selling and buying a new home. Would like to hear how your brother is doing in Iraq. Is he still coming home early? Hope so. The end of summer picture is very cute. Everyone is growing so fast. L.

Meg (MU) said...

I hear you lady. I am starting P90x too and now I might read Twilight again...I will miss your blog though.