Monday, September 28, 2009

Paranoia Has Officially Set In....

Is anyone else freaking out about Swine Flu?

First---thank the good earth we have well water, because I don't think the current economy could support the water bill we'd get from all the hand washing I've been requiring.

Second--- I have decided to get both kids immunized when the H1N1 vaccine becomes available (thankfully, with a little help from a sweet marshmallow/M&M combo reward I put together, the flu shots went tolerably well) but every time I think about the new vaccine and all the great unknowns that comes with it a little vomit creeps up my throat.

Third--- I've stopped bringing the kids to public playplaces, the grocery store, and other high frequency breeding grounds to try to reduce the unavoidable exposures. Of course, school and dance class provide more opportunity than anywhere else, but I just feel like the fewer exposures to other germy kids the better. Their schedules are in tact, but I just avoid the high hazards and grocery shop on weekends.

So, all of this leads me to the big question: Am I officially paranoid? Is anyone else behaving this way???


Julie Weaver said...

1. Yes, you are.
2. No.

I have actually decided not to do the H1N1 vaccine when it becomes available...I may reconsider after I see or hear about how other people's kids do when they are vaccinated right off the bat (I'll count on you to keep me posted) I think it may require multiple doses.

Check this out:

Samantha said...

I think all the reports and hysteria in the media are leading to unnecessary panic on everyone's part. I'm obviously not a doctor or a nurse, but it appears from most of the reports I've read that the children that are becoming gravely ill or dying of H1N1 have underlying health problems, and are not your run-of-the-mill, healthy kids. In most it runs its course very similarly to other flus.

I too have concerns about the vaccine, and am on the fence about whether my kids will get it. Though obviously the government says its perfectly safe, I can't help but wonder, given that it was rushed through production given the national panic on this issue. And I too have read that for little ones, two doses will be required. Interested to hear others' perspectives on this...

Julie Weaver said...

You're right, it's people with underlying health issues that are gravely effected by H1N1. As for the rushing to produce the vaccine thing...the regular flu shot is also rushed every year as the "powers that be" try to determine what strain of flu is going to emerge and then mass produce the vaccine for all of us.

I'm definately PRO vaccination on all other issues, just not so convinced about this one...but ask me about Guardasil someday.

Samantha said...

Good point, Julie. And I am very pro-vaccination as well, but the Guardasil question is a topic for a whole different post! :)