Friday, July 10, 2009

Summer Slogging....Why so quiet?

My vacation to NC with the family was pure perfection: beachside bugalow with its own pool, perfect weather, great seafood, and quality time with nine of the most wonderful children I know.

Given such a perfect vacation, there seems to also come a price, which I'd assumed was the 12 hour trek back home on the 5th of July. It wasn't.

It's Strep Throat with a side of Writer's Block (and only 4 chapters to go!!!!)

Anyway, in lieu of complaining, I will stay true to a previous promise and look on the bright side of this scenario. In this case: the horror that was the pictures of me on the beach in a bathing suit has propelled me right back into the world of dieting.

And, of course, nothing quite kickstarts a diet like the inability to swallow.

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Julie Weaver said...

After tonight, I'm back "On the Wagon" with you...right now however, I'm enjoying a slice of key lime pie and a glass of wine with Paul.