Thursday, July 30, 2009

A Brother Abroad

Two financially savy men (one being my husband) were having a conversation while sipping coffee and adjusting their fancy ties. It went something like this:

Businessman 1: "So...both your wife's brothers are in the you have anything to talk about with them?"

Redheaded Businessman: "Sure...lots of stuff."

Businessman 1: "Really?"

Redheaded Businessman: "Yup."

Busineessman 1: "Huh. Well, are they really as tough as they make them out to be?"

Redheaded Businessman: "Oh yeah, they're the real deal."

Businessman 1: "Really? So, if I insulted a family member or pushed somebody"

Redheaded Businessman: "Dude, they'd kill you in seconds with their barehands."

Businessman 1: (Silence)

Redheaded Businessman: "So what does your brother in law do?"

Businessman 1: (Silence)

This is Day 182.

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