Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Top Ten Things I'm Thankful For

10) Portable DVD players. I swore I'd never let my children watch more than a few minutes of television a day, but desperate times often demand desperate measures.

9) Messy, low buns are in style. Blessed be to the hair gods....I can occasionally convince myself that I am not the incarnation of the "Wreck of the Hesperus".

8) Diana. My cleaning lady. She came early this week to help get the house ready for my Thanksgiving week blowout. Did I mention I was having 16 overnight guests for three days? Oh, and NINE of them are humans who have not lived 14 years (and many substantially less).

7) Steamable vegetables. Nothing provides a better combination of fast, healthy, and yummy than these little forzen bags of wonder.

6) The lines created by a good vacuum. Aside from a tubful of wine, nothing soothes me more. Okay, maybe circus peanuts. Or, the news that grandparents are coming to babysit. Or my new Target credit card. Okay, so maybe I need a new list.

5) I am thankful for Facebook, which allows me to stalk people from my past who have aged in such a way that I am okay with my own progress. Even more, I have reconnected with people I'd swore I'd never see again (and, for the most part, that is definitely a good thing).

4) Webcams....and nobody else knows why better than Paul.

3) My friends, especially those who got me through one of my hardest years to date. My only wish is that O will have such gifts as these girlfriends of mine.

2) My family. If the stock market decides zero is a good number, if I learn that my writing only merits a job at Hallmark, and if my children don't win the Pulitzers they will clearly one day deserve, it's all good thanks to my family.

1) These three red heads I know....I may have mentioned them. For them, there are no words.

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